Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Welcome to the blog for a collaborative comic project between four friends about one very important subject: water.

Why water? Well, though most of earth is covered in it, less than one percent of that is usable by humans, and we're using (and abusing) it fast. Water is essential to all life, but one billion people across the globe don't have access to safe, clean water-- and the constant need for it keeps many (mostly women and girls) from pursuing other goals like school or a job. Water is a health issue, an economic issue, an environmental issue, a human issue.

And we want to help. But since we're not doctors or engineers, we've decided to use the skills we do have as designers, illustrators, and creative thinkers to communicate sides of this problem through a collection of comics.

This blog will feature our comics as we work on them, from brainstorming to the final product, along with interesting facts, research and inspiration about the topic of water. Check back often to see what's new, and enjoy!

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