Monday, September 19, 2011

Brianna's Revision

Hey all!

So I've thought about it, and I am revising my idea so Kelsey's and mine won't be so similar-- that way everyone has a unique story to tell from their own perspective. But I am not entirely moving away from my original intent. I am still really interested in who "owns" water and its byproducts (as Kelsey mentioned, "water barons" are beginning to corner the market of privatizing water.) But something else that interests me, as an extension of this, is the products and marketing of those products that would appear in a world where clean water is completely privately owned. I mentioned this in my previous post as something I was thinking about when designing my world, and now instead of this being a backdrop, I would like it to be the focus of my comics.

Basically, I would like to design a series of very short (1-3 pages each) "storyboards" for commercials, or magazine/periodical advertisements, for products related to water and water itself. This is included, but not limited to:
- A commercial for a pharmaceutical treatment for a waterborne disease like dysentery or cholera, similar to advertisements we see today.
- An advertisement for a home desalination filter, similar to the Brita filters of today.
- An commercial that is pro-privatized water, or for a private "Water baron" company
- A grocery store specials/pharmacy coupon page of various products related to water or other food whose prices have skyrocketed because of privatized water needed for production.

I would like to do several and insert them as interludes between everyone's stories-- kind of like each story is a TV program and these are the commercials.

I think this especially interests me because, as a graphic designer, I am genuinely interested in the ethics involved in my profession and how designers can work to change the status quo or perpetuate it. In this case, designing fake advertising is working against the trend that the advertising itself is trying to promote.

Let me know if you think this is a good idea to dive into. I look forward to reading everyone else's progress and ideas!

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